Recall Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Councilmember, District 11

Statement of Reasons

Councilmember Mike Bonin has consistently made promises to his constituency and failed to follow through on these promises since he took office. He has implemented projects, bundled with conditions, which he has failed to deliver. When confronted with these broken promises, project failures, and policy issues, Councilmember Bonin has ignored constituent concerns. He promised to remain available, yet refuses to return calls or correspondence. In doing so, Councilmember Bonin has abandoned his constituents and ignored their pleas for help. Instead, he continues to push for and implement his flawed strategies throughout our communities. Council District 11 has suffered loss of life, destroyed livelihoods, and now faces a massive humanitarian, public health, and public safety crisis. Councilmember Mike Bonin is not solving these problems. These broken promises have caused his constituents to lose faith in Councilmember Bonin’s leadership.

In summary Councilmember Mike Bonin does not engage with the district and did not improve our quality of life or clean up our neighborhoods. Our streets have become de facto campgrounds, sanitation policies are failing, crime is rising, and Mike Bonin remains unresponsive.

We, the voters of Los Angeles Council District 11, intend to recall Councilmember Mike Bonin to make room for candidates who will represent us, address our needs, and who are not beholden to outside interests or their own personal agenda.

We hereby declare that all of the facts contained in the Statement of Reasons to recall Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Councilmember, District 11, are true.