About Recall Bonin 2021


Since he was first elected to represent the citizens and residents of Los Angeles City Council District 11 in 2013, Councilman Mike Bonin's history of broken promises, terrible and counter-productive public policy proposals, and unwillingness to listen or take action to represent the interests of the people and communities of the westside of Los Angeles have had devastating consequences.

Under Mike Bonin's watch, the humanitarian crisis of the homeless population is growing exponentially. Tax payer money is squandered. Fires. Struggling local businesses. Crime is rampant and rising. Neighborhoods and schools are unsafe. We feel afraid to visit public beaches and community parks.

After seven years of this self-serving incumbent career politician, we have had enough, and we can't wait any longer.

Join our growing grassroots multi-partisan effort to Recall Mike Bonin.

Recall Bonin 2021


Are you looking for our sponsoring organization Protecting Our Beaches Schools Neighborhoods And Parks?  Visit www.pobsnap.org

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