Reasons To Recall Mike Bonin

Need a refresher on why we must recall Mike Bonin?

Mike Bonin’s Broken Promises:

  1. Campaigned on an improved quality of life. Has your quality of life improved?
  2. Campaigned on more patrols in our neighborhoods but in 2020 fought to cut funding from police leading to reduced patrols. Mike says he would crack down on crime in Venice (2014) - and then pushed to defund police in 2020.
  3. Children’s safety. Mike Bonin suggested at least twice that the city could do something to prevent encampments around schools. He voted more than once against ordinances to do that, including on July 28, 2021. Schools and parks across the district are surrounded by dangerous encampments and crime.
  4. Crime, crime, crime, and more crime. Crime in some neighborhoods is up over 300%.
  5. Gun violence remains an issue. Bonin suggested he would find a way to address this with urgency if gunshots were taking the lives of our children and grandparents. Drive by and other shootings continue.
  6. Ignores constituents. Mike Bonin suggests he wants to hear from constituents, but doesn’t return phone calls or emails. When your views are not his views, you won’t get any service from his team.
  7. Sanitation has been a major issue, and yet Mike Bonin’s motion co-authored with Nithya Raman for voluntary clean-ups has not improved our sanitation situation. And he hasn’t budged on that strategy. Look at your streets.
  8. RV Parking free for all. RVs cannot be impounded. Bonin has not made a move to address this. No tickets while staying months on our streets, with expired or no registrations. Ever gotten a ticket for street parking? 2 sets of rules.
  9. De Facto Campground. Promised this would not happen to our neighborhoods. Look around.
  10. Encampments: “The city and county are taking tremendous steps to respond to our homelessness crisis but relief is not coming fast enough. That's about to change (2018).” It did not -- until a fire was lit under him this year when LASD and our Recall campaign kicked into gear.
  11. No plan announced for Brentwood, Westchester, Mar Vista, Playa Del Rey encampment issues. Only OFW because of news media attention.
  12. Encampment strategy: My way or the highway. Won’t meet with city leaders he disagrees with to deal with the crisis on our streets. Can’t reach across the proverbial aisle to negotiate good strategies. Instead he stomps his feet and suggests only his plan is the best plan.
  13. Encampments/Martin v. Boise lawsuit: City Council blamed this 9th circuit court decision for their inability to deal with encampments, rather than rolling up sleeves and working with city agencies to regulate our neighborhoods and streets within the guidelines.
  14. Encampments led to drugs led to gangs preying on encampments. By being silent on gun crimes and defunding police, creating environment to breed more of the same.
  15. Reprogramming ocean front walk as a park not a campground was promised 7 years ago. Never happened.
  16. Mike Bonin doesn’t work well with others. Saying “we have to do everything possible” to solve the homelessness issues and crisis in our streets --- EXCEPT those things he doesn’t like such as working with LASD.
  17. Promises for Venice Bridge Housing were all broken, dedicated Footbeat detail was cancelled. Special Enforcement Zone is not enforced.
  18. Remains quiet or avoids the truth on major issues: homicides, city projects; projects an image of city situations that are not in line with reality (Venice Beach Boardwalk in newsletters, safe routes to school in his district).
  19. Staffers betray his own rhetoric: One set of rules for residents and another set for Bonin and his preferred constituents - Hannah Levin = prime example.
  20. Ramada Inn in Venice. With the debacle of Bridge Home, Mike Bonin would not step up with protections for the community or advocate on behalf of residents.
  21. The Road Diet folly of 2017. Abandoned only after after it was a debacle, community outreach was anemic and pushed through a project he wanted but neighborhoods were completely split based on debatable data.
  22. Fires and Encampments: Proposing to move encampments which have bred crime, drugs, and assaults in Venice to parks and beaches was not proposed with any concrete safety plan. And with Bridge Housing’s own safety promises completely broken, the community vehemently opposed this to avoid similar issues. Top that with fire danger. Feasibility study was pushed with no credence given to Neighborhood Councils who advised lack of feasibility for reasons stated above. Plan has been mostly rejected by CAO.
  23. Environment. Trash in our streets, flowing to our beaches, no move to regulate RV parking to prevent dumping of trash, excrement, and certainly not preventing fires. Five acres of the Ballona Wetlands were burned as the result of a “trash fire” by an RV encampment. We have an environmental disaster happening in this delicate ecological preserve.
  24. HHH DebacleCC: Ron Galperin
  25. Special Interest Groups. Mike Bonin has played to the needs of special interest groups and financial supporters, often leaving residents’ needs on the floor. 
  26. Bonin pledged to help neighborhoods and small businesses - just let us know what we need to do -- but only if he agrees with what you’re asking him to do. 
  27. Finding the scapegoat of the moment and going after them. In Jan 2020 it was tech companies and corporations. Mike Bonin BROUGHT the tech companies to Venice.
  28. Ignoring Neighborhood Councils. The Venice NC rejected Reese Davidson. Westchester NC rejects his Westchester Park plan. Bonin pushes forward anyway.
  29. Mental Health. Ignores the studies put out in 2019 suggesting mental illness and drugs are a much bigger issue than the city/county LAHSA say it is. 
  30. Venice Containment Zone:
  31. Reese Davidson development in Venice: This is amongst the most expensive projects out there. Yet when asked about this, Bonin staffers have said he has no opinion on the project (Dexter O’Connell Jan 2021). His developer partner stands to rake in SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS via their fee when all is said and done. Visit Fight Back Venice to learn more about this disastrous project and support their efforts.

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  • Ernesto Ochoa
    commented 2021-12-14 23:12:57 -0800
    This guy needs to go. Gil Cedillo Jose Huizar, Donna Choi, Christopher Arrellano. They are all complicit. They are screwing over the local property owners for their personal gain.
  • Gary Leigh
    commented 2021-11-08 17:08:09 -0800
    These people many of you voted in are not there for you . They use lip service to get votes then do none of it . If these people can afford big campaigns are heavily endorsed never vote for them. You need people like yourselves who have a real stake in serving that community and working with you to create solutions. Our city government has never worked that way. They take your money and tell you what they will or won’t do never fall for it. Stop revolving door politicians who jump from job to job for millions in pensions and rich lifestyles. Stop this Pay to Play !!!!!!! Never vote for BASS or That DA , Ever !
  • Corey H.
    commented 2021-10-29 08:23:17 -0700
    I agree with the fact dude NEVER EVER returns emails or calls from his constituents. He says please send me emails in his newsletters, but the email links are ALWAYS broken. I sent and email months ago on his only talking about homeless issues and can he also focus on OTHER things besides homeless issues (which he still isn’t doing a good job resolving). It’s like that’s all he ever talks about in his newsletters, but I live 2 miles from the bridge in Culver City, where homelessness is rampant and they stay under the bridge and it looks like a war zone there, disgusting, not safe for others to walk in their own neighborhood. Trash everywhere, smells like piss and feces.
  • Andrew Mika
    published this page 2021-09-12 08:08:54 -0700