September 30, 2021

In the News

We've collected some of the top news stories from CD11 below. 

Ursúa, S. (2021b, October 15). Squalor By the Seaside. City Journal.

“Over the weekend, Venice logged yet another RV fire, this time outside Whole Foods. Dark plumes of smoke were visible from miles around. I was surprised to find on my last shopping trip that, three days after the blaze, the charred RV had not been removed.

Now burned down to its metal frame, the RV remained in the same place where it had been parked for over a year. Soot covers the surrounding sidewalks and retail stores, and particles of ash and debris rustle in the wind.

The windows of a nearby store were blown out and are boarded with plywood, and nearby vegetation is burned to a crisp. Someone scrawled “Boninville” on the RV, a reference to Los Angeles city councilmember Mike Bonin, whose inaction has frustrated residents living in deteriorating conditions alongside the homeless.”

Paige, J. (2021, October 19). Suit filed against Bonin, Garcetti and SNAP for Venice boardwalk fire. Westside Current.

“According to the lawsuit, Schonbrun regularly notified SNAP, Garcetti, Bonin, and the Los Angeles Police Department of the homeless encampment and its potential negative consequences to the building.

But, the lawsuit says that was to no avail. The fire, however, started at the height of a significant encampment outbreak on the Boardwalk.

The Westside Current reported numerous stories of multiple businesses and homeowners who had grown frustrated by what they said was Bonin’s permissive behavior of allowing the encampments to remain on the Boardwalk, including at this particular location.”

Antonicello, N. (2021f, October 19). Opinion: Housing, Homelessness and the Empty Rhetoric of LA Mayoral Hopefuls Looking to Replace Eric Garcetti! Yo! Venice!

“Why would Venice support Congresswoman Bass if she thinks Mike Bonin is not part of the problem, but part of the solution when it comes to rampant homelessness, rising crime and the squandering of precious public dollars when it comes to the construction of permanent housing?

Does Bass support Bonin’s “containment” policies that have turned Venice into this homeless ghetto and slum by the sea?”

Alpern, K. (2021, October 18). Three lies and urban myths promoted from Mike Bonin about these “right-wing recalls.” CityWatch Los Angeles.

“Enter Bonin and L.A. City Government that bilks the taxpayers, creates expensive programs, wildly cost-ineffective home-building programs, and makes perhaps the majority of who voted for more City and County taxes regret that we created a cottage Homeless Industry.”

Paige, J. (2021b, October 7). Open records show Bonin weaponized false narrative surrounding Bridge Home bomb scare. Westside Current.

“The next morning on January 3, Councilmember Bonin told media outlets: “Three devices that were designed to look like explosives were found.” According to Bonin’s statement, “If the discovery of explosives was meant to slow progress on the [Venice Bridge Home] housing project, it failed.”

Later that day, the LAPD Major Crimes Division (MCD) returned to the MTA site and re-canvassed the location. While conducting their follow-up investigation, investigators found evidence of similar devices that appeared to be much older, predating the Bridge Home construction.

An email of the finding was widely distributed, including to Bonin and his staff members, stating: “Today, investigators from our Major Crimes Division followed their standard protocol in these situations and conducted a further investigation in the area.

At this time, they do not believe the devices have any correlation to the current Bridge housing construction or homelessness issues.”

Antonicello, N. (2021d, September 29). Opinion: Mike Bonin’s Big Lie! Yo! Venice!

“How does one apply the very campaign tactics of former President Donald Trump on one hand, and claim to be a “progressive” on the other?

It’s a precarious balancing act that lacks any serious credibility as LA Councilman Mike Bonin is actively fundraising to avert a second recall attempt that is based on his miserable record and not his registration as a Democrat. It’s important to note that Los Angeles council races are non-partisan affairs and in most cases, all the candidates are Democrats.

In fact I can’t remember the last time a Republican has run for council in the 11th CD and when the last time a member of the GOP made a serious race for any office in which Venice is part of the political equation.

Now fundraising under the moniker, “Stop Right-Wing Recalls,” the good councilman can’t name or identify a single member of the GOP that is part of this mounting recall threat that will gather the required numbers of signatures to remove him from office. For it is no longer about his failed tenure, but about the math. And the math indicates the recall campaign will be successful no matter how hard he tries to stop it! For why can’t Bonin name or identify by name these mystery right-wingers?

As his mindless followers are “doxing” the likes of Democrats Katrina Schmitt and Nico Ruderman, the official co-coordinators of the Recall Bonin 2021, both Venice residents and former supporters of the embattled councilman, just where are these so-called conservatives?”

Abcarian, R. (2021a, March 17). A Venice neighborhood and the homeless man who terrorized it. Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles Times.

“At first, it was the fights Landman says she witnessed between Kroll and others who frequented the alley. “I would go out there and see this guy, yelling about wanting to punch a woman in the face, beat her,” she said.

“A woman would come by and they would get in massive fights. ... He would have these spirals, throwing things, breaking things, yelling. I was like, ‘Is this normal? Why is no one doing anything?’”

Abcarian, R. (2021b, July 6). Staffer complaint about homeless contradicts Mike Bonin’s stance. Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles Times.

Antonicello, N. (2021a, May 11). Opinion: Mike Bonin is Highest Paid Council Member in the US. Westside Current.

Antonicello, N. (2021b, September 17). Opinion: Recall Or Reelection: That’s The Choice For D-town Voters When It Comes To Incumbent Mike Bonin - WestsideToday. WestsideToday.

Antonicello, N. (2021c, September 21). Opinion: How Low Can You Go?Yo! Venice!

Antonicello, N. (2021e, October 8). Opinion: Mike Bonin is the status quo! Yo! Venice!

“If one is seeking comedic satire, try digesting Councilman Mike Bonin’s TWITTER feed.”

Bonin, M. (2021, May 19). Mike Bonin Tries To Explain On Fox 11 | KFI AM 640. KFI AM 640; KFI AM 640.

“Bonehead LA Councilman Mike Bonin went on offense and spoke to Fox 11 on the various issues of homelessness including WTH is going on at Venice Beach. Bonin sounded and looked like a big buffoon the whole time. No real answers, just excuses.”

Brunell, N. (2021, September 14). Venice resident laments rise in crime, housing issues in neighborhood.; Spectrum News 1.

Cagle, K. (2021, May 19). Safe parking proposal sparks controversy on LA’s Westside.; Spectrum News 1.

California, I. (2021, April 11). 15,000 People Sign Petition To Prevent Homeless Beach Relocation Plan In California. KABC-AM.

Casiano, L. (2021a, May 8). Residents in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood frustrated over large homeless encampment, shootings, stabbings. Fox News; Fox News.

Casiano, L. (2021b, May 14). Los Angeles residents oppose plan to move homeless to beaches, parks. Fox News; Fox News.

Casiano, L. (2021c, July 3). Venice Beach violence reaches boiling point in L.A. as new viral video emerges. Fox News; Fox News.

Catanzaro, S. (2021a, March 30). Man Arrested After Reported Child Molestation at Venice BoardwalkYo! Venice!

Catanzaro, S. (2021b, April 5). Homeless Man Arrested for Murder at Brentwood Encampment - Brentwood News. Brentwood News.

Catanzaro, S. (2021c, May 14). Bonin Proposal to Make More Westside Homeless Shelters Passes CommitteeYo! Venice!

Catanzaro, S. (2021d, July 19). Unidentified Skeletal Remains Found in Ballona Wetlands Amid Search for Missing Person - WestsideToday. WestsideToday.

Catanzaro, S. (2021e, September 22). Recall Bonin Leader’s Home Vandalized After Address Posted on Twitter - WestsideToday. WestsideToday.

Cavallier, A. (2021, July 24). Skeletal remains found last week positively identified as Kolby Story, the California woman who vanished from Mar Vista in December. NBC News; NBC News.

CBS LA - KCAL. (2021, May 13). Beach Homelessness.; Yahoo News.

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CBSLA Staff. (2021b, May 6). Concerns Growing As Encampment Expands On Venice Boardwalk.; CBS Los Angeles.

CBSLA Staff. (2021c, May 12). Councilman Mike Bonin Defends Effort To Explore Temporary Housing In Westside Parking Lots And Beaches.; CBS Los Angeles.

CBSLA Staff. (2021d, May 12). Councilman Mike Bonin Defends Effort To Explore Temporary Housing In Westside Parking Lots And Beaches.; CBS Los Angeles.

CBSLA Staff. (2021e, May 17). Venice Residents On Edge After Another Fire Breaks Out At Boardwalk Encampment.; CBS Los Angeles.

Charky, N. (2021a, March 26). Transient Man Pleads Not Guilty In Venice Local’s Beating Death. Venice-Mar Vista, ca Patch; Patch.

Clark, S. (2021, April 28). Venice Beach doctor’s puppy dies in house fire as neighbors suspect arson amid homeless crisis. Mail Online; Daily Mail.

Charky, N. (2021b, April 21). Dog Killed In Bungalow Fire In Venice; Arson Suspected. Venice-Mar Vista, ca Patch; Patch.

CNN Newsource. (2021a, April 22). Woman loses home, dog in fire as neighbors blame growing homeless encampment - ABC17NEWS. ABC17NEWS.

Charky, N. (2021c, April 22). Homeless Encampment Demolished In Marina Del Rey. Marina Del Rey, ca Patch; Patch.

Charky, N. (2021f, July 26). Police shooting reported in Mar Vista, authorities say.;

Cieply, M. (2021, April 23). At Will Rogers Beach, Will A Film Location Be Home To The Homeless?Deadline; Deadline.

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City News Service. (2021b, May 26). Housing for homeless at Westside parks, beaches? LA will study it.Daily News; Daily News.

City News Service. (2021c, July). LA allocates $5 million to provide 200 Venice Beach homeless with interim housing. Daily News; Daily News.

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Contributing Editor. (2021b, September 16). Suspected Arrested in Fatal Stabbing at Brentwood Homeless Encampment -

Culver City Crossroads. (2021, September 9). TPR Interviews LA City Councilmember Bonin. Culver City, ca Patch; Patch.


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